About Lipenwald, Inc.

Direct Response Marketing

Lipenwald, Inc. is a direct response marketing company marketing products through the Internet, catalogs, direct mail, television and retail. We offer products ranging from die-cast collectibles to horticulture to cosmetics and general merchandise. Some of our brands include the National Motor Museum Mint, National TV Bargains and Gardeners' Choice. Please click here to see a list of our many online brands.


Many of our successes can be attributed to the great partners we have. Sometimes, it takes people with great ideas, skills and products joining forces to produce some of the best marketing campaigns. If you have a product, service or idea that is best suited for a partner of our size and capability - we encourage you to contact us to discuss any unique opportunities.


Our Die-cast collectibles web site at Motormint.com is partnered with AffiliateTraction and is a member of such affiliate networks including ShareASale, ClicksXchange, ClicksGalore and Commission Junction. Our affiliate network partners offer the leading affiliate tracking technology and have assisted Motormint in acquiring thousands of affiliate partners who market Motormint.com by referring visitors from their own websites. Affiliate marketers who understand the collectibles marketplace are encouraged to apply to our program by visiting us here: Motormint Affiliate Application

Contacting Lipenwald, Inc.

For general information, please contact us at support@lipenwald.com

For the most efficient response, we prefer that you make your first contact with us by email - this is most convenient for us and we will be able to respond to you without distraction. Phone calls can come at the most inconvenient times and our gatekeepers take pride in their jobs. We will of course welcome your phone calls when we are prepared to provide you with the information you need.

Corporate Offices:

22 South Smith Street
Norwalk, CT 06855
Main : (203) 852-0001
Fax: (203) 831-2849